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Defeating dyslexia

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Welcome to Testing Dybuster Orthograph!

You can test Dybuster Orthograph for free as long as you want! Also, all features are available to you. The only limitation is that you can only train 2 modules (2x 100 words), and that you can not create words and modules on your own.


How do you want to test Dybuster Orthograph?

As a child
The path through the games is as for real users: The Color Game is trained 78 times, followed by the Graph Game, which is trained 5 times, before the Learn Game starts. Over the period of 3 weeks, emphasise shifts to the Learn Game, and Color Game and Graph Game are trained less (ultimately, they are trained 26 and 3 times).

As parents of a child
The path through the games is accelerated. The vocabulary is more difficult for you to experience how colours, shapes and structures help typing the words correctly.

As teacher or therapist
Use Orthograph yourself with the accelerated up path and more difficult vocabulary. Additionally, you can generate student users for your students in Orthograph Coach.


Your e-mail address (recommended):

If you provide your e-mail address, we can send you your user name and password. With that, you can keep returning to Orthograph, and your progress will be saved.