Learning programs with proven effectiveness

Allow your child to access professional learning support at home: our learning modules are computer-guided and designed to enable children to practise without an adult. The software determines the skills and weaknesses of each user and adapts the training to support them. As a parent, you gain insights into your child’s learning progress without the need to play an active role.

  • Children with learning difficulties such as dyslexia or dyscalculia can use the programs on a more intensive basis, completing multiple sessions per week.
  • Children without learning difficulties can use the programs on an as-needed basis, as support for the acquisition of maths or spelling skills or a way to keep learning difficulties at bay.

A range of licence options to suit your needs – for a future with fewer boundaries.

Licence Options


Spelling training software

From US$ 99 | Multisensory training

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Mathematics learning software

From US$ 99 | Game-based acquisition of skills

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Both programs

From US$ 175| Individual and effective

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