Banish Spelling Mistakes – With Proven Success!

Here, you’ll find an overview of the various features and options provided to guide learners on the path to success.

Three multisensory games are the key to improvement

The multisensory approach helps learners map the spoken language to the written one (reading and writing) and vice versa. What's more, the use of colours, shapes and sounds helps learners see instantly when they have made a mistake and to correct it independently.


"Assigning Colors"

Trains the mapping of colours to letters


"Structuring Words"

Trains the ability to split a word into syllables


"Spelling Quest"

Trains correct spelling techniques



support the spelling learning process


Indication of errors

using colour and sound


Instant feedback

ensures the right information is stored by the brain

Self-Discipline and Reward

Learners can view their current level of progress at any time and use the points they've earned to purchase backdrops, sounds, animations and more, designing Orthograph to look and sound just as they like it.


Progress overview

shows how far the learner has come and when they've trained


Reward points

are earned as stars and diamonds that can be traded in the bonus section


«Dybuster Park»

trade reward points for many different park attractions


Jingle and Instruments

reward points can be traded for sounds


Visual effects

reward points can be traded for graphic animations


Visual effects

Graphic animation: «Explosion»

Evaluating Progress and Using Coach

Orthograph Coach enables educational staff and parents to track children's progress. From simple summaries of training times to detailed analyses, Coach offers everything you need to support learners in an optimal fashion.


Monitoring functions

aid the supervision and evaluation of children's learning


Class overviews

for a quick snapshot

Detailansicht neu

Detailed views

show the improvement of all learners

Detailkalender neu


shows all training sessions

DetailLernpläne neu

Learning plan

show completed and pending modules

Detailübersicht neu

Word selection

in detail

Detailfehlerananlyse neu

Detailed analysis of errors

illustrates each and every step

Detailbuchstaben neu

Difficult letters

are compiled, along with the frequency of errors

Modulerstellung neu

Custom modules

with user-selected training words

Lerneinstellungen neu


can be individually adjusted

Zertifikate neu

Certificates and learning reports

can be printed out