Learning Centers

Learning centers are your local points of contact for all Dybuster-related questions and concerns. They help children use the software, advise parents and teachers, and provide training courses for educational staff.

In Canada

Learning Centre Dybuster Ontario

1122 Cabot St
Ontario, Canada K9H6W9

Education and training at the Learning Center Ontario


Ann Way-Nee

Dybuster Learning Centre -Ontario is headed up by Ann Way-Nee.  Ann has more than 30 years of experience working with children as an occupational therapist. Upon her retirement, she was pleased to establish a Canadian Dybuster learning centre. Ann understands that each child’s learning needs and strategies are unique. The multi sensory supports offered with Dybuster’s software, and the individualized intervention, fit well with the support that Ann likes to provide to families and educators.

Services offered
Sale/distribution of Dybuster products for English or French students experiencing difficulty with spelling and/or math.

+ Training courses for parents, schools, and teaching staff
+ Use of award winning Dybuster Calcularis, and its coach and monitoring options
+ Use of Dybuster Orthograph program at student level, and coach level for customizable spelling modules and in depth report options
+ Support for establishment and management of institutional licenses
+ Review of Dybuster reports regarding student progress + Individual or small group sessions.

In Switzerland

Centre d’apprentissage Dybuster

English Services Gruyère
Préville 28
1635 La Tour-de-Trême

English Services Gruyère : Centre d’apprentissage Dybuster


Lisa Stephenson

Our new Dybuster school advisor in the French-speaking area of Switzerland is a Canadian secondary school teacher. After teaching in many different schools in Canada and Switzerland, she established English Services Gruyère in 2011 to offer English training, private tutoring, and language learning experiences abroad. Her professional training and personal experience has enabled her to acquire different strategies and tools for helping people with different learning needs (dyslexia, giftedness, and other associated learning difficulties). As a parent of a child with a learning disability, she is pleased to be able to help promote Dybuster software in French-speaking Switzerland.


Professional training (for teachers, therapists, school principals or administrators)
+ Training in the use of Orthograph and Orthograph Coach (error analysis, creating modules) and introduction to Calcularis.
+ Help with managing institutional licenses.
+ Proposals for complementary techniques and tools to accompany the use of Dybuster software.
+ Information on Dybuster AG and the research behind the software.

Private Coaching (for parents or individuals)
+ Introduce Dybuster Software (Orthograph and Calcularis).
+ Explain how to create your own modules.
+ Accompany users (including periodic meetings with parents/students to explain their progress).
+ Propose complementary interventions or tools to accompany the use of Dybuster software, as needed.

Dybuster Learning Center, Davos

Hintere Gasse 8
7270 Davos Platz

Education and training at the Dybuster Learning Center, Davos


Margret and Theodor Bachmann

Margret and Theodor have managed the Dybuster learning center at Davos since it was opened in 2012. Margret completed a Master of Arts in Special Education in Zurich in the summer of 2006 and has been working as a primary school special education teacher since 2004. Prior to this, Margret spent 25 years as a music teacher at various music schools, where she was particularly interested in supporting children with learning difficulties (e.g. dyslexia) through music. She has been a certified AD(H)S trainer since December of 2011. Theodor is a vocational instructor for caregiving professions and is certified as a training manager by the Swiss organization IAP (Institute for Applied Psychology).

Services offered
Sale/distribution of Dybuster products for dyslexia and dyscalculia in the Swiss cantons of Graubünden and the surrounding region up to Walenstadt/Buchs (St Gallen). Training courses for parents, schools, teaching staff and therapists:

+ Training in Dybuster Orthograph (use of the program itself and use of Coach) + Introduction to Dybuster Calcularis + Point of contact for Dybuster products and advice on using the products for maximum educational benefit + Supervision of students’ use of the programs + Support in individual or group sessions with a focus on error analysis, learning strategies and concentration training + Advice and training for children with AD(H)S and coaching for parents and teachers

In Germany

Dybuster Learning Center, Berlin

Choriner Straße 63
10435 Berlin

The Berlin learning center offers special learning training courses in German and Spanish.


Kathrin Schulze

As a practitioner of integrative learning therapy and a certified “dyslexia trainer”, Kathrin offers comprehensive assistance for children and adults who want to learn, but find themselves unable to do so and are not sure why.

“I help children who have been written off as ‘absent-minded, lazy, less gifted, unfocused, or behaviorally problematic’ simply because they have problems with spelling, reading, or doing math. I also help adults who have a long history of struggling in their educational, family, and professional lives and who are actively seeking to make a change. I open the door for them to integrate fully into society.”

Services offered
The causes of reading, spelling, and mathematical difficulties can vary hugely from person to person. For this reason, a thorough diagnosis is required to establish whether an individual suffers from acquired dyslexia or from a biogenetic, inherited form.

+ In-depth discussion with the child and their parents or with the adult sufferer + Error analysis based on recent and older pieces of writing + Standardized test procedure + Detailed analysis in the form of an educational assessment which can be used to provide information and evidence to schools, official bodies, and the job center + Creation of a personalized training plan that focuses on training the student’s attention and sensory perception as well as on remedying their specific errors + Regular progress evaluations

Dybuster Learning Center, Hamburg

20148 Hamburg

Practice for speech therapy, dyslexia treatment, auditory processing and perception training


Nikolaus Pribert

Nikolaus has long-standing experience moderating seminars and in further and continuing education. He works with a team of trained, certified educational workers and dyslexia & dyscalculia trainers. The Hamburg learning center offers advice, seminars, and further/continuing education sessions in the following areas:

Schools and institutions
Dybuster School includes Orthograph and Calcularis for use at school and home.
Dybuster Coach enables educational staff to generate transparent learning reports based on an ongoing gathering of objective information about the student’s learning progress.
The center functions as a local point of contact for information, advice, and support regarding the use of Dybuster in schools and for questions about training and education sessions.

Therapy, learning, and tuition opportunities
Orthograph, the award-winning system for difficulties in reading and spelling.
Orthograph Coach, for the accurate and objective evaluation of learning progress

Services offered
We offer seminars, further education sessions, and licensing training to help you make the best possible use of Orthograph and Orthograph Coach, helping you jump start the use of the programs in your institution.

Parents and private customers
Orthograph Home, the effective spelling learning system for easy use at home.
Orthograph Coach, including monitoring by a personal Dybuster learning coach who will “oversee” the child’s progress and individual needs. The use of Orthograph and Orthograph Coach can be supplemented and extended with dyslexia therapy or one-on-one home tuition.

Dybuster Learning Center, Hessen

Luisenstraße 8
61231 Bad Nauheim

Specialized center providing tailored and comprehensive educational assistance, support, and preventive measures to families


Dipl. Päd. Timea Menk (Certified Educational Specialist)

Services offered
+ Holistic learning therapy/training for dyslexia and dyscalculia + Advice + Tuition: Individual or group sessions with max. three students + Learning coaching + Development support and monitoring (including for children and young people with particular difficulties) + ADHS/ADS therapy/training Perception training + Concentration training + Training in learning methods + Parent training for ADHS/ADS + Courses for children, young people and parents/guardians + Diagnostics and testing Further education sessions and seminars (including for institutions and self-organised support groups)

Dybuster Learning Center, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (M-V)

Rosa-Luxemburg-Str. 27
18055 Rostock (City Centre)

Stockholmer-Str. 1
18107 Rostock (Lütten Klein)

Am Hof 1
18190 Sanitz (Community Centre)

We integrate refugees. Our groups are mixed. We also work in schools.


Heike Cantow

Our team is made up of professional special education teachers with specialised learning therapy training. We also work with highly dedicated trainee teachers, an occupational therapist, two speech therapists, and our trained therapy dog “Tika”.

Tuition and learning support in all subjects and for all types of schools
Our tutoring sessions focus on preparation for class quizzes, tests and subsequent exams, including the repetition of any forgotten material from previous school years + We take an individual and flexible approach to each student and their weaknesses and take their needs seriously As we do so, we strengthen their academic capabilities and restore their motivation for school + A relaxed, informal learning atmosphere is vital for helping students rediscover the fun in learning

Dyslexia and dyscalculia treatment for individuals of all ages: Classes we offer
Group classes (90 mins) with supervision for 3-5 students + Option to book individual sessions, dyslexia support, and at-home tuition + Plans for an adventure learning camp currently underway

Services offered
Tuition for all subjects and all school types from €89 per month + Small-group dyslexia and dyscalculia therapy with specially trained special education teachers from €120, including use of Dybuster + At-home tuition across the entire Rostock region and the Bad-Doberan district from €159 per month (additional fee for learning therapy, mileage) + Individual sessions and exam preparation + Motivation and concentration training Foreign languages for adults + Learning camp with trained teachers and supervisory staff + German courses for refugees

#1 The presence of our certified therapy dog helps create a calm and positive atmosphere for learning. The dog can also be brought to different locations within the surrounding area.
#2 Children love to cuddle and talk to him, boosting their motivation and helping promote an atmosphere of trust.
#3 Our “Motivation Training” project is aimed at providing assistance to children and adults who require extra assistance to achieve their stated goals and enjoy the process of setting new ones.
#4 Upcoming projects include the organization of a fun, interesting and – above all – highly educational intensive course for the summer holidays, designed to repeat and consolidate material learned during the previous year in a clear and stimulating way.  It will allow pupils to enter the new school year feeling happy and “up to speed” and to achieve good grades from the very beginning.

Dybuster Learning Center, North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW)

Helene-Wessel-Str. 46
48691 Vreden

Your point of contact for all questions and concerns relating to Dybuster School and Home in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia


Antje Levers

The Dybuster Learning Center NRW focuses on, among other things, the provision of expert advice, training, and customer care to special education teachers, subject teachers, and head teachers. We offer proven solutions for both integrative teaching settings and settings with different ability groups, and support all your work with the Dybuster school license.

We also offer the “AFS test”, a standard educational test used to establish the presence and severity of spelling and reading difficulties, dyslexia, or math difficulties in a child. The letters AFS stand for Aufmerksamkeit (attention), Funktion (function, i.e. sensory perception) and Symptom (i.e. spelling and grammar errors), referring to the different aspects assessed by the test.

It is our goal to restore children’s enjoyment in learning with the help of the multi-sensory Dybuster approach and to enable them to experience the feeling of success. We seek to enhance their spelling and vocabulary skills in both their mother tongue and in any second languages such that they are afforded all possible opportunities to realize their dreams – for we believe firmly that

“Language was and will always remain
the medium of thought and of understanding the world.”
Wilhelm von Humboldt