The Celebrated Success of Our Learning Systems

It is with great delight and pride that we thank all those who have taken the time to recognise our research, innovation and development.

We work constantly to further optimise our products and goals and, in doing so, to ensure the best possible opportunities and future for our users.

Jacobs Best Practice Award 2020

2020 Best Practice Prize recipient

The Jacobs Foundation Board recognises Dybuster for their exceptional efforts to promote inclusive learning for children of all abilities by providing software solutions based on artificial intelligence and neuroscience, and especially for their response to COVID-19 related challenges.

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Worlddidac 2014

Calcularis wins the Worlddidac Award 2014!

We are thrilled to have received this prestigious accolade, which has been awarded for the last 30 years to the most innovative educational resources of the moment.
As part of the process, Dybuster Calcularis was assessed by a jury of teachers and an international expert jury.

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Dyslexia Quality Award 2011

We are pleased to announce our success!

Our Orthograph learning software won the Dyslexia Quality Award 2011, when Orthograph was still primarily used for children with dyslexia. The award recognises high-quality programs and training materials with proven effectiveness and is awarded on the basis of expert surveys and a cross-organisation committee consisting of experts from several international organisations.

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ACES 2011

Dybuster wins the ACES Award 2011 for the category ICT!

The ACES Award is the most prominent pan-European award for companies founded from universities and institutions of higher education.

The jury, which consisted of renowned representatives from the fields of business, research and politics, nominated Dybuster for the final on account of it being "a successful and very enjoyable story of how science and education can come together to solve a higher problem," as an IT expert from the jury expressed it.

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ZKB Pionierpreis Technopark

Dybuster was selected as a finalist for the ZKB Pionierpreis 2009.

This was a particular honour for Dybuster, since the Pionierpreis ("Pioneer Prize") is normally awarded for industrial innovations.


Venture Lab

Dybuster was chosen as a Venture Leader 2008.

The VentureLeader Award is awarded to selected start-ups by VentureLab, KTI/CTI und Ernst&Young.


Innosuisse (formerly known as CTI)

We are pleased to announce our success!

In October 2008, Dybuster AG received the CTI Start-Up Label Award from the former Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation. Since 2018, this organisation has been known as Insosuisse, or the Swiss Innovation Agency. It recognises start-ups predicted to achieve sustainable growth.

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Heuberger_Winterthur_mit Rand

Heuberger Winterthur Young Entrepreneur Award

Dybuster was chosen as a finalist in 2007.

The Heuberger Winterthur Young Entrepreneur Award is awarded every two years to the three young entrepreneurs with the most outstanding business ideas.

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